Holistic Health from a Christian Perspective

For some reason health and nutrition became partisan just like every other aspect of our lives.

I don’t know why this is, but my experience has been that New Age’rs and liberals tend to be into holistic health and Christians tend to act like it doesn’t matter what you put in your body.

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

It may come from Pauline lectures about not worrying about what you eat. (Here’s a good summary of Scripture speaking to the early Judeo-Christian debate about food.) That was directed at converted Jewish people who were used to extensive Mosaic laws about food, as well as the context of living in Rome where animals sacrificed to pagan gods were also eaten. In that time and place, food was almost a form of virtue signaling, and early Christians had to learn to let that go.

Today we face a situation that early Christians did not: most of our food is manmade. People are buying, not beef and broccoli, but preservatives, dyes, and substitutes. It is making us sick, and it is making us dependent on man. The manmade system, which includes pharmaceuticals and corporate healthcare, pushes manmade solutions to solve manmade problems. It pushes injections, sanitizers, and ventilators in response to COVID-19 instead of vitamin C and sunlight. It pushes boxed food and bottles of antacids to help you suffer through digesting that food. It pushes viruses, and the cure to those viruses.

We should seek the solutions from God, not a lab. Best case scenario, we’re starting with prayer, as pretty much every Biblical reference to healing advises.

Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

James 5:14-16

But we’re not all master prayer warriors or faith healers and sometimes you just need a boost in the natural. I’m just suggesting we seek it from God’s providential design. Most manmade treatments have much more severe side effects than the worst scenario of abusing an herbal or nutritional treatment. I dare you to find someone in real life who overdosed on nettle tea.

Christians should use God’s provision. This means prayer, physical activity, time outdoors, and herbs and foods that God created. Bone broth and dandelion tea, beef and broccoli, ginger and lemon.

We should choose fermentation over preservatives, sweating over diuretics, stretching over aspirin.

If these things sound foreign or strange to you, that’s okay, but that doesn’t mean they’re not Biblical. That orange bottle on your bathroom counter with the white Rx label is arguably not Biblical, as I started to explore in a recent post about pharmakeia.

By ignoring natural remedies and nutrition, we are idolizing man’s supposed intellectual superiority. We are buying into the narrative that man can “fix” God’s plan.

The problem is that for several decades now, the folks who promoted holistic health also tended to lean towards New Age ideology. Instead of admiring God’s creation and God’s design, they admire the creation itself. They tend to worship the earth, the moon, and the herbs instead of worshiping He who created them.

The hippie herbalist may be misguided, or worse, in worshipping the earth that gave us healing herbs. But that does not mean we as Christians should avoid those healing herbs.

We just need to be clear on who made them, and who we thank for them.

Believe: Demanding Hope Under Fire

When you stand in the trenches as the bullets fly overhead, it is easy to look down at your boots ankle-deep in mud and think, “It’s over. We’re done.”

I know this may seem like a melodramatic metaphor to many. After all, we’re still the most prosperous nation in history and the world today, able to fill our carts at Costco, stream 24/7 entertainment to our homes, and live long relatively healthy lives.

But we are not what we were. We are not what we are meant to be. As a nation, as a people, as a church. As a species. In fact, one could argue that 2020 marked the worst global terrorist event of human history. A spike protein referred to in terrorist propaganda as “coronavirus” was unleashed as a biological weapon and used to imprison the entire human population in their homes.

Now being injected voluntarily into at least half that same population.

If you need info on why I’m calling the spike protein a biological weapon, leave a note in the comments or send me a message. I’ll work on a post to explain.

David Icke claims that the science fiction writers who wrote our current reality knew what was coming, not due to creative prescience, but because they travelled in the inner circle. They knew what was coming because they were in the rooms where the future – our present – was being discussed.

I used to love science fiction. I absorbed all of it, as many of us did. The vision of the future that is now coming true: dehumanized, global, governed by AI, androgynous. Hopeless.

There is no room for God in science fiction. He doesn’t exist. Jesus can’t save you in the Matrix; only Keanu can. The Holy Ghost is not Captain Kirk’s guide; he prays to “computer.”

This is because if you believe in God you can’t believe that man can create technology that will become more powerful than God. In order to break the human spirit, in order to win, a transhumanist agenda must be founded on the assumption man is alone. Data replaces the soul and AI replaces Spirit.

We are not alone.

We cannot beat God.

We cannot crack a code we didn’t write.

We cannot write the future.

We can only pretend to, like children playing with fireworks. And he will let us. He will let Portland burn until it is time to cleanse it with holy fire. He will let people inject themselves until they fall on their knees in repentance. He will let patriots swagger and prepare until we realize only he can save us from what is to come.

He will win.

And all we can do is believe.

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Matthew 10

Self-Care for Freedom Fighters

I’m writing this in late July 2021. A lot of us are feeling something perilously close to despair. Have we lost? is the silent question echoing in the minds of the Awake.

The answer is an adamant NO. About six weeks ago, I had a vision that we are in boot camp. We’re training together, going through all the awkward exercises of a new recruit. How to work together, where we fall in the ranks, how to run with endurance and aim with accuracy.

It may not look on the surface like we’re doing much of anything right now. But behind the scenes we are researching, brainstorming, preparing. We are deepening relationships. We are learning to say No. We are building muscle.

This is because many of us are never going back to the old normal, but have no interest in the left’s new normal either.

We are simply waiting for God’s marching orders to fight for his normal.

While we wait for those marching orders, it is critical to remember the enemy is picking off stray sheep wherever he can. I’m seeing spiritual attack on an almost theatrical level, as well as the random and varied side effects we’re experiencing via transmission from the vaxed, and the ongoing media onslaught: You’ve lost. You’ve lost. You’ve lost.

And we get attacked within our ranks. Boot camp is tough, and this army has no visible generals keeping us in line. We argue amongst ourselves: Should we prioritize this or that, stand for that or the other thing? Plus we’re dealing with RINOs, sell-out pastors, fear pouring from the mouths of DJs on Christian radio…

As for the prophets who lead my people astray, they proclaim ‘peace’ if they have something to eat, but prepare to wage war against anyone who refuses to feed them. (Micah 3:5)

We are at war and God has drafted us. That means we need to take care of ourselves the way a soldier does before he ships out. I’ve assembled a list of self-care strategies that are a bit unorthodox, but based on 16 months of real-life experience as an active activist.

Read here


The internet is full of discussion about pharmakeia, the Greek word translated in most Bibles as “sorcery.”

pharmakeía (from pharmakeuō, “administer drugs”) – properly, drug-related sorcery, like the practice of magical-arts, etc. (A. T. Robertson).

Strong’s Greek

In our current apocalyptic mood, it seems easy to correlate worship of the pharmaceutical industry and its gene-modifying injections with that Biblical idea of deceptive sorcery. I had a friend point it out to me last winter, when God first started warning me about the vaccines. I use it now and then in Christian circles when I know I’m talking to folks who won’t look at me funny. But I was surprised last night to hear Dr Tenpenny using it in a video made a few months back. A quick Google search reveals Christians have been asking this question for a long time… do we idolize medicine?

And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

Revelations 18:23

From the KJV New Testament Greek Lexicon:

1. the use or the administering of drugs
2. poisoning
3. sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it
4. metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry

Here’s my personal and fairly passionate position on our current relationship with healthcare. We have come to idolize it. Most Christians did not turn to God in prayer when the plandemic started, they turned to their TVs. This includes everyone from the most popular pastors to the person hiding in their basement, terrified of leaving the house without a mask. I am one of countless people who spent the entire past year navigating the world unmasked and mingling without any side effects.

Note: I have friends who feel they got COVID, and I understand the spike protein does generate symptoms. Their experience was of a severe flu, by no means justifying shutting down the planet for a year. Should elderly people have taken extra precautions? Sure. But we did the opposite of that, sending COVID-positive people back to nursing homes. The shutdown was never about keeping people alive.

I have always lived on the basis that a life lived in fear is not living. When I found Jesus, I assumed Christians understood that his ministry and message is BASED ON THE FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLE (sorry, I said I was passionate about this) that you should FEAR NOT.

I am by no means saying that trusting God means we should be reckless. I am saying that if we believe God’s promises, we believe he will provide a way for us to live according to his word – in fellowship, showing our faces, serving others – not living in fear.

Fauci is lying to us. He has been lying to, and in fact murdering, people for decades by playing God with pharmaceuticals.

I’m not saying all doctors are evil sorcerers. The medical and scientific communities are full of people who see genuine symptoms and want to care for people, but at the same time, are existing in an intellectual echo chamber. They seek to validate, not challenge, the dominant theory: this is a scary virus we must protect ourselves from at all cost. How many doctors kept putting people on ventilators even though there was clear data as early as April that ventilators were a death sentence? How many doctors failed to provide basic immunity advice like taking your vitamin C and zinc? How many doctors ignored the physical impact of stress caused by masking and fear-mongering media and instead encouraged people to remain in that state?

Corporate healthcare and the pharma industry are as capable of corruption as any other. Doctors do not get exemption from our fallen state. They are human. Scientists are human.

We try to avoid this fact by pretending that “data” solves all arguments. But which data are we going to use? The data on how many people simply test positive, or the data on how many people are losing their minds locked in their nursing homes, or the data on how many people actually demonstrated severe illness?

We only tracked the first, and least relevant, metric: positive test results. Whether the person was experiencing illness or not. Most often, they weren’t.

Even if we agree on the metric, we still need human beings to interpret those statistics. Who do we give the power of interpretation to? Handing it to a doctor is as risky as handing it to a prophet – you better know they’re right with God.

God gave us an immune system and a world to live in, not hide from. He gave us plenty of ways to remain healthy including nutrition, exercise, and natural supplements. It’s all there, and those of us who relied on God’s providence got through this plandemic just fine. Would I advise an elderly relative to take extra precautions right now? Absolutely. But if it was up to me, my grandma would have gone out to the store every day last year. She will never recover from those months of isolation and low activity.

This is a trial. It’s that simple. Do we take God at his word? Do we believe he’ll provide? Do we believe our lives are in his hands?

It’s called the narrow path.

No conspiracy needed: How “historic rainfall” can be used to promote climate change dictatorship

Why are we seeing simultaneous, historic flooding in countries as disparate as Germany and China?

Why are politicians using these tragic crises to promote climate change policy?

Is it statistically likely that we’d face crises after crises in such a short period of time?

Is it possible there would be any motivation to create such chaos or promote such policies? Is it possible someone is envisioning a climate lockdown?

The answer is right in front of our face. It’s called cloud seeding.

It’s being used right now in Dubai. Right now as in this week.

This rainmaking technology has been around since the 1940s.Download PDF version of article

While PropagandaPedia claims the effectiveness of cloud seeding is “still a matter of academic debate,” the Independent reports Dubai’s event as “pounding” rain, causing “poor visibility and driving conditions,” according to Newsweek.

Newsweek | Download PDF version of article

Note: I try to include PDFs whenever possible because news websites frequently rewrite posted articles to remove inconvenient information.

Accountability and the Republican Identity Crisis

It’s easy to point fingers at the other side. Democrats are crazy, look at all this awful stuff they’re doing! Much harder to be honest about the condition of our side. The truth is we’re losing – one could argue that we will only win at this point by the grace of God – because we are not on the same page, and we are not holding ourselves accountable.

We can’t even agree anymore what it means to be a Republican. This is a top-down problem, with countless Republicans in DC last January betraying their constituents by voting to impeach Trump for the same reason they only reluctantly supported him for four years: they’re more concerned about success within the established system than they are with doing what is right to save our country. But, repeat, this is a top-down problem. Have a look around your own city and county and ask yourself, Are my local legislators serving us, or their own ambition?

The odds are high that if you are involved in your local GOP, you know someone who has helped corrupt our system. Election integrity requires folks to look the other way at all levels. There are plenty of bridge deals and corporate contracts to go around in every town and county.

Many Republicans are reluctant to recognize that people they’ve known for years, and who profess to be on our side, are as much a part of the problem as the liberals. It’s heartbreaking to do so, but until we do, we’ll be stuck in these muddy trenches with soldiers falling on all sides.

As one example, we have leadership in my own county’s GOP who insisted on defending to me the government’s right to require us to wear masks. In my mind, as a walkaway Democrat, the Republican party should be the party of small, Constitutional government. I quoted Loren Culp over and over again: A politician’s job in a time of crisis is to inform the people how they can protect themselves, and assume the self-preservation instinct will motivate them to do so without further enforcement… provided the crisis is observably real.

The activists I stand with agree. We fight for legislators who will legislate less, not more. We fight for an America where each citizen has a vote and each legislator is accountable to his voters. We fight for an America where each person is free to take chances, lose or fail based on talent and God’s grace… not to live governed by algorithms, global think tanks, and corporations.

But plenty of establishment Republicans want to run on virtue signals like abortion and gay marriage instead of doing the hard work of wrestling with the global totalitarianism we currently face. This is big, scary stuff, and it’s much more pleasant to talk about the sanctity of life than admit your vote doesn’t count and a whore for China occupies the White House.

It won’t matter what you think about abortion if you can’t leave your house without permission. Trump won in 2016, and made it possible for Walkaway Democrats like myself to join him, by remaining quiet on the divisive religious-moral arguments of the 90s and instead committing to work on real, structural issues like our economy.

The establishment Republican party resisted him to the end and seem to think they can pretend those four years never happened, fiddling while DC burns. We’re left with a nonfunctional party full of bickering and backstabbing at every level that holds back strong candidates and wastes the precious resources of citizen donors and volunteers.

We’re destroying ourselves from the inside out.

Meanwhile, liberals are in happy agreement, and it shows. They’re winning, at every level, because they’re all on the same page. A car goes faster when all four wheels are pointed the same direction, remember?

The left bought into a Gene Roddenberry vision of the future years ago, embracing a tunic-wearing, ungendered, technologically-governed NWO with every movie, comic, music video and class discussion that turned to thoughts of the future. These are the nerds, people who were voluntarily inserting microchips into their body (I helped a guy out with his blog on the subject about ten years ago). These are the outcasts and rebels who felt rejected by conservative America and embraced by New Age and feminist metro culture (moi). These were the folks who went to college and along with their masters degree received a free indoctrination in Socialism and relativism.

Simply put, while the right was screaming about the dissolving family unit, the left became the Devil’s party: the one that tolerates everything. Whatever you are, whatever you want, wherever you’re going, we’ll embrace you, take care of you, and love you.

Jesus preached tolerance but, accurately or no, the party of Christians became perceived as the party of judgment.

In the media and mainstream culture, it looks like this: Democrats are nice. Republicans are mean. Democrats are logical, science-based, tolerant, progressive (aka embracing what is going to be better in the future). Republicans are irrational, faith (stupid)-based, nationalist = racist, traditional (aka clinging to what was bad about the past). Democrats are a beautiful family of five egalitarian poets with amazing hair and smart taste in cars, while Republicans are an overweight, Walmart-shopping, redneck clan of bad-beer-swilling sexists.

And leaving behind how we’re portrayed, the reality is that divorce rates and pornography addiction and drug consumption are just as much a factor on the right as on the left. American is a mess, but the left has convinced itself that the Matrix will solve its problems, while we argue over everything from masks to vaccines, CRT to church.

Democrats are jabbing up happily to be part of the iFuture, while we’re sitting around arguing over whether or not we can even accept the present.

If our current situation bothers you, I would just suggest you spend less time watching videos about Kamala and Soros and more time talking to other Republicans about what we can agree on. Even one thing might be enough to unite us. But let’s be urgent about it. The ammo is running out.

What I believe

Our government is based on a model God inspired and God wants us to fight for.

That starts, not at the top, but at the bottom: you and I getting involved in our local community and politics. Run fur office. Get on a board. Volunteer.

If each one of us did good in our own life we could take back all the power. Nurses refusing to administer vaccines. Election observers speaking up. Teachers saying no to CRT. People being honest with their neighbors.

Evil wants us to feel overwhelmed and scared so we sit at home doing nothing.

We may never fully understand what the global bad guys are up to.

But you can support a mom who’s trying to stand up to her school board. You can support a friend who’s boss says she has to vaccinate. You can speak up. You can change the world.

This is why I think we should spend less time online and more time out advocating in real life. Our lives are the only thing we can control and there is ALWAYS one more thing you could do.

Compliance March Recap

We were inspired by a protest in Vienna in January. Those protesters wore white suits and masks to draw attention to the dehumanizing tactics of the shutdown.

We had acquired 24 suits and masks, and all were used. We had probably a total of 30-35 marchers. We walked west on Mill Plain (a “main drag” in Vancouver) for about half an hour and then came back. Lots of positive honks and waves.

We will be holding another one soon. Subscribe to stay in the loop.

We are at war

Our vote hasn’t counted for years.

Our dollar doesn’t count.

Corporations are forcing experimental injections on employees.

Relationships have been destroyed by force-fed deception.

A portion of the population has been so traumatized by the plandemic, they may never live normally again.

Our cities are under assault from domestic terrorists.

We are silenced for our knowledge and hated for our patriotism.

It is no longer acceptable to be a man or woman. You are Thit.

Parents are ignored: Obey the Nanny State.

Both political parties engage in this power play. Most corporations do. Most nations do. You don’t need a conspiracy theory to explain the simple truth that power corrupts. Why then do we sit around debating which company did what when, what politician did what why?

They are all, quite simply, abusing us.

If we wait for those in power to save us, we will have waited to be enslaved.

There is no time left for posturing, baggage, or helplessness. There is no time for ego, no time for bullshit, and no time for arguing over yesterday’s issues.

We are at war.

I am in no way encouraging physical combat. This is psychological, it is spiritual, it is personal. We are each called to defend, not ourselves, but creation itself. That call will become more urgent in the months to come.

We are at war.

As we grow closer to the battlefield, the unnecessary must fall away. The mind becomes clear, intention paramount. What you say clears your path. What you believe determines your defense.

What you stand for determines our fate.

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12

We are at war.

I hope you join us on the battlefield. It will be safer there.