Believe: Demanding Hope Under Fire

When you stand in the trenches as the bullets fly overhead, it is easy to look down at your boots ankle-deep in mud and think, “It’s over. We’re done.” I know this may seem like…

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Self-Care for Freedom Fighters

We are at war and God has drafted us. That means we need to take care of ourselves the way a soldier does before he ships out. I’ve assembled a list of self-care strategies that are a bit unorthodox, but based on 16 months of real-life experience as an active activist.

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I’m not saying all doctors are evil sorcerers. The medical and scientific communities are full of people who see genuine symptoms and want to care for people, but at the same time, are existing in an intellectual echo chamber. They seek to validate, not challenge, the dominant theory: this is a scary virus we must protect ourselves from at all cost.

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What I believe

Our government is based on a model God inspired and God wants us to fight for. That starts, not at the top, but at the bottom: you and I getting involved in our local community…

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Compliance March Recap

We were inspired by a protest in Vienna in January. Those protesters wore white suits and masks to draw attention to the dehumanizing tactics of the shutdown. We had acquired 24 suits and masks, and…

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We are at war

Our vote hasn’t counted for years. Our dollar doesn’t count. Corporations are forcing experimental injections on employees. Relationships have been destroyed by force-fed deception. A portion of the population has been so traumatized by the…

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Abortion and the Brave New World

I had an abortion in late 2008. For years, I said with complete honesty that it was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. It wasn’t until late 2020 that I began to process…

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Notes from Dr Frank

A week or two ago, in response to King Inslee’s vaccine passport mandates, people on my social media groups started asking: Did Inslee even win? Horrified by his runaway abuse of power, it is natural…

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Compliance March

We’re excited about this! I’m partnering with informed consent activists to steal the Austrians’ idea. We’ll provide signs, masks and hazmat suits. Just wear comfortable walking shoes!

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