Holistic Health from a Christian Perspective

For some reason health and nutrition became partisan just like every other aspect of our lives.

I don’t know why this is, but my experience has been that New Age’rs and liberals tend to be into holistic health and Christians tend to act like it doesn’t matter what you put in your body.

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

It may come from Pauline lectures about not worrying about what you eat. (Here’s a good summary of Scripture speaking to the early Judeo-Christian debate about food.) That was directed at converted Jewish people who were used to extensive Mosaic laws about food, as well as the context of living in Rome where animals sacrificed to pagan gods were also eaten. In that time and place, food was almost a form of virtue signaling, and early Christians had to learn to let that go.

Today we face a situation that early Christians did not: most of our food is manmade. People are buying, not beef and broccoli, but preservatives, dyes, and substitutes. It is making us sick, and it is making us dependent on man. The manmade system, which includes pharmaceuticals and corporate healthcare, pushes manmade solutions to solve manmade problems. It pushes injections, sanitizers, and ventilators in response to COVID-19 instead of vitamin C and sunlight. It pushes boxed food and bottles of antacids to help you suffer through digesting that food. It pushes viruses, and the cure to those viruses.

We should seek the solutions from God, not a lab. Best case scenario, we’re starting with prayer, as pretty much every Biblical reference to healing advises.

Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

James 5:14-16

But we’re not all master prayer warriors or faith healers and sometimes you just need a boost in the natural. I’m just suggesting we seek it from God’s providential design. Most manmade treatments have much more severe side effects than the worst scenario of abusing an herbal or nutritional treatment. I dare you to find someone in real life who overdosed on nettle tea.

Christians should use God’s provision. This means prayer, physical activity, time outdoors, and herbs and foods that God created. Bone broth and dandelion tea, beef and broccoli, ginger and lemon.

We should choose fermentation over preservatives, sweating over diuretics, stretching over aspirin.

If these things sound foreign or strange to you, that’s okay, but that doesn’t mean they’re not Biblical. That orange bottle on your bathroom counter with the white Rx label is arguably not Biblical, as I started to explore in a recent post about pharmakeia.

By ignoring natural remedies and nutrition, we are idolizing man’s supposed intellectual superiority. We are buying into the narrative that man can “fix” God’s plan.

The problem is that for several decades now, the folks who promoted holistic health also tended to lean towards New Age ideology. Instead of admiring God’s creation and God’s design, they admire the creation itself. They tend to worship the earth, the moon, and the herbs instead of worshiping He who created them.

The hippie herbalist may be misguided, or worse, in worshipping the earth that gave us healing herbs. But that does not mean we as Christians should avoid those healing herbs.

We just need to be clear on who made them, and who we thank for them.

What I believe

Our government is based on a model God inspired and God wants us to fight for.

That starts, not at the top, but at the bottom: you and I getting involved in our local community and politics. Run fur office. Get on a board. Volunteer.

If each one of us did good in our own life we could take back all the power. Nurses refusing to administer vaccines. Election observers speaking up. Teachers saying no to CRT. People being honest with their neighbors.

Evil wants us to feel overwhelmed and scared so we sit at home doing nothing.

We may never fully understand what the global bad guys are up to.

But you can support a mom who’s trying to stand up to her school board. You can support a friend who’s boss says she has to vaccinate. You can speak up. You can change the world.

This is why I think we should spend less time online and more time out advocating in real life. Our lives are the only thing we can control and there is ALWAYS one more thing you could do.

Compliance March Recap

We were inspired by a protest in Vienna in January. Those protesters wore white suits and masks to draw attention to the dehumanizing tactics of the shutdown.

We had acquired 24 suits and masks, and all were used. We had probably a total of 30-35 marchers. We walked west on Mill Plain (a “main drag” in Vancouver) for about half an hour and then came back. Lots of positive honks and waves.

We will be holding another one soon. Subscribe to stay in the loop.

We are at war

Our vote hasn’t counted for years.

Our dollar doesn’t count.

Corporations are forcing experimental injections on employees.

Relationships have been destroyed by force-fed deception.

A portion of the population has been so traumatized by the plandemic, they may never live normally again.

Our cities are under assault from domestic terrorists.

We are silenced for our knowledge and hated for our patriotism.

It is no longer acceptable to be a man or woman. You are Thit.

Parents are ignored: Obey the Nanny State.

Both political parties engage in this power play. Most corporations do. Most nations do. You don’t need a conspiracy theory to explain the simple truth that power corrupts. Why then do we sit around debating which company did what when, what politician did what why?

They are all, quite simply, abusing us.

If we wait for those in power to save us, we will have waited to be enslaved.

There is no time left for posturing, baggage, or helplessness. There is no time for ego, no time for bullshit, and no time for arguing over yesterday’s issues.

We are at war.

I am in no way encouraging physical combat. This is psychological, it is spiritual, it is personal. We are each called to defend, not ourselves, but creation itself. That call will become more urgent in the months to come.

We are at war.

As we grow closer to the battlefield, the unnecessary must fall away. The mind becomes clear, intention paramount. What you say clears your path. What you believe determines your defense.

What you stand for determines our fate.

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12

We are at war.

I hope you join us on the battlefield. It will be safer there.

Abortion and the Brave New World

I had an abortion in late 2008. For years, I said with complete honesty that it was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. It wasn’t until late 2020 that I began to process everything that meant.

Without going into details that are, to be frank, no one’s business, I will only say this: I didn’t walk into Planned Parenthood to murder my baby. In my mind, there was no baby. There was a “cluster of cells.” I walked into Planned Parenthood to be sensible, independent, feminist. That’s what they tell you “choice” is about.

I have personally never met a woman who found out she was pregnant and thought to herself, “I want to murder this child.”

I have never encountered a Planned Parenthood that kidnapped women and coerced them into murdering their baby.

Yet this is how many Christians pray on this issue. Seated in a group recently, I felt myself withdraw as a man prayed about the women “murderers” who have abortions, and the judgment he assumed would come to them.

I wanted to tell him, “I would love to hear a man pray for all the men involved in producing all those babies.”

I didn’t, because I knew his intention was not to be hurtful, and because I didn’t completely trust myself to speak calmly. I had also felt the Holy Spirit nudge to instead Write about it.

So, what to write?

I had an abortion.

I was more concerned about the wellbeing of chickens than I was about the life inside me.

Confronting the contradictions of liberal programming can feel a little like realizing you’re the Manchurian Candidate. I call myself a “recovering feminist” now, not because I think men are superior, but because the word has been wildly abused. It’s pleasant to say you’re a feminist because you believe both genders are equal. But that is not what the word connotes anymore.

Today feminist connotes Better than. It suggests We don’t need men. It implies Men should be more like women.

It is, well let’s be blunt, exhausting, to connect with a man on those terms. Many men and women don’t even bother anymore. If you are living in a metro area where the liberal zeitgeist rules, you have to justify your preference for monogamy.

We are now well into an era of porn and swipe-to-date. An era where family and community are so eroded most young people are dating, if one can call it that, in a black hole of bars and sleepovers. A world where young men are encouraged to act like Peter Pan and young women are told to give themselves freely, “Because it’s liberating.”

It is dystopian, Brave New World lived out in colleges and cities all over the country. And that’s those who choose it. In poor communities, there is far less (perceived) choice – so chronic and widespread is the incarceration of men and welfare dependency of women.

Abortion doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Women are told abortion is a choice because we aren’t supposed to choose to depend on a man.

And that’s today. There have always been and always will be women who cannot bear to carry their pregnancy to term. And there has always been a struggle to address it.

Meanwhile we must also remember that abortion, like so many issues, has been used as “hot button” that conservative politicians can push to win votes. The problem, like so many, has only increased, and yet it can still be used to whip our emotions into a frenzy.

Like so many problems, it needs, not finger-pointing toward the other side, but a commitment to finding solutions.

That requires, not judgment, but dialogue. It will never be solved by waving signs outside a Planned Parenthood. Do you want to look like you’re judging? Do that.

Do you want to solve the problem? Raise young men who hold themselves accountable. Be an example in your own marriage. Talk to women who are pro-choice.

The devil will tell us the other side is evil. Jesus reminds us that is not the case.

When you have heard the Samaritan woman’s story… when you have seen the world from the leper’s eyes… when you know what it means to be fifteen with your dad in jail and your mom, illiterate, praying for a way to cover the heating bill… please… pray for a truly brave new world.

Notes from Dr Frank

A week or two ago, in response to King Inslee’s vaccine passport mandates, people on my social media groups started asking: Did Inslee even win?

Horrified by his runaway abuse of power, it is natural to ask, Is this guy even our governor?

I fight on a lot of fronts, but up until this point, I hadn’t devoted much thought to the question of election integrity. I am a shameless conspiracy theorist, but for some reason I just didn’t think there could have been enough fraud to swing the election. And worse, I felt betrayed by all the folks – General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood – who had insisted all the way until the day the potato took office that Trump would stay for a second term.

Why had they said that?

I didn’t know, so I stopped thinking about it. I was just going to focus on local politics: people I could and personally meet and size up.

But months later, this question doesn’t go away. It creates an existential or Trumpian crisis. If you doubt Trump, you doubt the nature of the battle. If you doubt Trump, you doubt the prospect of victory. If you doubt Trump, you doubt up-and-coming Trump proteges like Joe Kent.

You can’t win a war if your troops don’t trust their general.

I didn’t want to ask, Does my vote count, but people on my channels were asking and I wanted to give them a reasonably informed answer. I was given the opportunity to attend a private event at someone’s house where WEICU and Dr Frank would be presenting, and I took it.

I got dressed this evening thinking, You know things have changed when my idea of a good time is attending a lecture at a stranger’s house on election integrity.

Question: Does our vote count?

Answer: Our vote hasn’t counted for years. But hold on.

Mail-in ballots, along with electronic voter databases and vote tabulators, have left our ballots as vulnerable as nuclear missiles stored in Aunt Betty’s barn.

It is likely that since at least 2008, election results have been sold to the highest bidder.

It is likely that they tried to rig the election in 2016, but simply underestimated how many phantom ballots they’d need to overcome Trump’s majority.

In 2020, they hit it with everything they had.

I am writing this after seeing his presentation and talking with Dr Frank today. I’m not going to try to explain how this all works because he can much more clearly.

The Cliff’s Notes version… a database can be input with invented data. Ballots are printed and supposedly shipped to nonexistent voters. What happens to those ballots?

After the vote, ballots are counted by tabulation machines that have troubling features like vote weighting, internet capability, and “multiple points of entry,” to use a hacker’s phrase.

The numbers can be, and are, fudged.

Washington was the first state to use mail-in ballots, and the first state to use counting machines. We are, as ever, ahead of the curve in terms of adopting corrupt “liberal” policy.

Simply put, ballots are vulnerable and unprotected, like blank checks handed out a rave and then cashed by whomever brings them back to the mall.

There are many things we can, and will, do to take back our vote. We can demand rigorous voter registration. We can demand in-person, one-day voting and vote counting. We can become involved as election observers, we can canvas to find phantom voters, we can picket or sit-in at the Secretary of State’s office. We can look forward to lies being exposed.

But that’s not what I found most reassuring about meeting Dr Frank today. What I found most reassuring was that Dr Frank is below the narrative. We were in someone’s home talking. No cue cards, no cameras, no requests. Just a discovery: the numbers are too close to be anything but intentional.

No one was lying when they said Trump would get his second term. It’s just taking longer to prove than they hoped or expected.

Since corruption is inherent in manmade systems, I find this unextraordinary.

What is extraordinary is that the left has controlled the narrative so successfully that I had come to doubt even my own president.

I stood up at one point to explain to folks that I was there representing both a local candidate, and hundreds of Washingtonians, who want to stand up for our republic. I know, regardless of what the media says, that we have the numbers and the will. The question is not whether we can fight. The question is how we should fight.

A battle needs a general. If you lose the chain of command you lose everything. Tonight, I was simply and profoundly reassured that we have not lost our general.

I hope Dr Frank will report that here in Washington, they may say we are blue and the battle lost. But far from it. Far, far from it.